Monthly Membership Rates:

Our Monthly Rates are 50.00 per month with no long term commitment. We require 2 orientation training sessions so that we can show you how to use the machines safely and effectively and set you up on a personal program designed for your goals. The orientation sessions are 50.00 so your first month is 100.00 to join and then 50.00 each month after your month is up…  Most Gyms take your money and say have a nice day and good luck and there you are with no clue what to do..  We feel that’s not the best approach that’s why we have the orientation fee.

Monthly Fee  50.00 per month.    Get someone to Join and Save 10.00 on your next months fee.

Orientation fee 50.00  making your first month  100.00

Personal Training Rates:

Personal Training is available for Both Men and Women at an affordable Rate !

Unlike most crowded Gyms, Flextime offers a full hour of continuous training without having to wait for a Station to be open before you can do your Sets. We charge 30.00 per hour which is  for a full hour in a private, non crowded, clean safe, professional  environment.

Personal Training fee:  30.00 per hour

Call today to schedule an appointment for a Training Session..!